Cloud-based design software

KPS.MAX - cutting-edge design software that revolutionises the way you design and sell.
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Simplified design

Intelligent automatisms and smart design tools

The quick and easy way to a dream design! Amaze your customers with the speed and perfection of the design process. Time-consuming tasks are significantly shortened by automations. Moreover, real-time rendering provides the "wow" factor during presentations. Designers can make full use of their consulting skills, leaving customers delighted and excited to buy.

Cloud based

Central data in the cloud

All connected applications of the KPS.Max suite operate with the same database in the cloud. The cloud-based platform architecture promotes flexibility and facilitates simple and direct collaboration between users. This enables barrier-free communication between suppliers, consumers and the industry.

ERP connection

Perfect communication with production systems

The sales process can be fully completed in KPS.MAX. KPS.MAX communicates permanently with your product management system via modern web services. Master data, such as users, branches, warehouse and supplier addresses, are synchronised and the quote, order or order change planning is transmitted to the ERP system automatically and in real time.’ should be ‘The end-to-end sales process can be fully completed using KPS.MAX. KPS.MAX efficiently communicates with your production system via modern web services. Key information and data, such as users, branches, warehouse, and supplier addresses, are automatically synchronised, and the quote, order, or any order changes, are transmitted to the ERP system automatically and in real time.

Best price at the push of a button

The best price at the push of a button

The integrated auto-block calculation provides the best sales price for the consumer and the most favourable purchasing price for the retailer. The price is determined with the help of an intelligent logic-based system. The auto-block calculation operates in the background whilst designing and is continuously updated automatically. The smart auto function guarantees fast and accurate pricing for the end customer, and results in efficiency gains during the decision-making process.


Placing orders

Each manufacturer included within the design has an individual container for the required order reports and graphical views. Subsequent changes to a design are clearly shown in the notification centre. An order’s status and the method in which it was transmitted are readily available.

Branch management

When using this new module, branches, catalogues, price calculations, users and warehouses can all be centrally managed. Documents, orders and blocks can also be defined for each individual branch. Users can log in to different branches, and their access is managed via a secure permissions system.

Digital measuring

The measurements from dedicated room measuring systems can be imported directly into KPS.MAX. Once imported, any possible deviations are clearly identified via an overlay displayed against the originally planned design. You can quickly and easily see all the differences and update your design accordingly. The fully integrated process is quick and easy, resulting in very little work to avoid those costly errors.

Intelligent positioning of electrical appliances, sinks and fittings

Electrical appliances, sinks and fittings are automatically and accurately positioned within your designs. An intelligent logic system ensures these items are optimally placed, significantly simplifying the entire kitchen design process.

Automatic generation of linear items

Intelligent automation simplifies the overall design process. Linear items, e.g. worktops and plinths, are automatically added within your KPS.MAX design whilst placing your cabinetry. This process also identifies the correct orderable items, calculates the quantity, and adds everything required to the shopping basket. Worktop shapes and sizes can also be modified when required. KPS.MAX removes repetitive and time-consuming tasks and allows the user to produce designs much more efficiently than ever before.

Live animations and shadows in 3D

High-quality animations will be sure to inspire your customers. Individual or multiple cabinet doors and drawers can be easily opened using the built-in animation engine. The results are shown dynamically in photo-realism with live shadow effects. Live shadows and animations have a positive impact on customers by providing more detailed insights into the functionality and ergonomics of their design.

3D Navigation

Easy-to-use and powerful 3D navigation. KPS.MAX provides 3D navigation for both the standard and bird's eye views via the mouse and/or keyboard. The navigation takes place instantly in Realtime meaning there are no delays whilst waiting for images to be displayed.

Room outlines made easy

An intuitive user interface makes all the difference. Using the room outline wizard, your required room can be created quickly using a variety of templates or planned entirely from scratch. All possible room outlines can be achieved, and every required detail can be accommodated.

Effortlessly create document batches

Print multiple reports, graphical layouts, and technical views in the required order in one simple operation. Creating your own document batch is easy - simply choose the desired documents using drag-and-drop, sort, and then print. A fast, standardised, and complete set of all the documents for every project creates transparency and trust for your customers.

Simplify pricing with auto block calculation

Automatic pricing using intelligent logic. KPS.MAX block calculation automatically determines the best sales price for your customer and the best purchase price for you. It operates in the background, is continuously updated, and guarantees fast pricing for your customer – at any time during the design process.

Realtime dimensioning

Realtime dimensioning means that the dimensions shown in your design are always up-to-date during the entire design process. The advantage is clear - detailed dimensions at every step, without any manual work, ensuring a precise and easy to manage design process. Documents produced by KPS.MAX provide the most detailed and clear dimensions, saving your installers significant time and effort.

Intelligent item placement

Snapping points and lines act like magnets and make item positioning incredibly simple and accurate. When an item is moved near to one of these points or lines, it automatically "snaps" to the correct position.
The designer can save significant time when placing each item into a design, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the design and sales process.

Experience Realtime rendering

KPS.MAX provides instant rendering in real-time. Photo-realistic 3D representations require no waiting times and are available at any point in the design and presentation process.
This not only saves time in the design process, but also creates that wow effect to delight your customers.