NOVAMEDIATRAIN - a first-class training specialist provides training for kitchen salespersons using SHD software

December 19, 2022

ANDERNACH, 19 December 2022 - NOVAMEDIATRAIN and SHD have formed a strategic partnership towards training and development with the aim of providing employees with a high level of kitchen design competence. The shortage of skilled workers has already become a critical success factor for many companies. Finding qualified employees and also retaining them is the challenge for each and every company.

NOVAMEDIATRAIN offers an online distance learning program for training as a kitchen consultant and kitchen salesperson, both of which are recognised in the kitchen industry. In 3 to 6 months, participants are awarded a TÜV Rheinland-certified qualification after taking a stringent examination. The flexible and practical distance learning program is suitable for both new recruits and career changers, as well as for experienced professionals who wish to obtain or refresh professional knowledge in practice-oriented sales. The training will soon be offered as a scheme directly via the employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit). This will provide excellent training for career changers and prepare them well for the commercial sector.

SHD Kreative Planungs-Systeme GmbH has acquired expertise in the kitchen industry over the course of several decades and is currently the market leader with the cloud-based and state-of-the-art professional kitchen design system KPS.MAX. The company supplies NOVAMEDIATRAIN with the KPS.MAX software for its online training courses. KPS.MAX is not only impressive to end customers, but also ensures that kitchen designers gain competence in consulting coupled with an additional fun factor in the design process. An extra bonus when booking the brand new training package from NOVAMEDIATRAIN - "Introduction to design software using KPS.MAX as an example" - is 6 months' free access to KPS.MAX.

The cooperation between NOVAMEDIATRAIN and SHD provides a win-win situation. Challenges are considerable: attracting and retaining qualified employees and providing employees with the most modern training. Both partner companies are combining their competences and are stronger together.

For Marco Polcher, Head of Customer Service and Customer Consultancy at SHD Kreative Planungs-Systeme GmbH, it is "fundamental to train SHD employees in Support in a sector-specific context in order to be able to communicate with our customers at eye level and to understand the complex kitchen furnishing object in the most effective way possible. The first employees have already been trained by NOVAMEDIATRAIN as kitchen salespersons and can therefore identify extremely well with the respective support situation. NOVAMEDIATRAIN has successfully completed a special certification programme and is officially accredited as a 'KPS.MAX Certified Trainer' to train trainees using KPS.MAX".

Dirk Bender, Managing Director of NOVAMEDIATRAIN, comments on the use of the software: "There is hardly a kitchen studio or furniture store that works without kitchen design software or an ERP solution these days. IT is the only way to ensure that our trainees can be given the most modern and practical training. KPS.MAX provides us with up-to-date kitchen design technology for our online training courses ensuring the highest level of training quality".

Dieter Jäntges, specialist trainer at NOVAMEDIATRAIN, also mentioned: "I just want to add some important information: We have recently made it possible for our cooperation partners and business associates to publish their job or vacancy announcements on our brand-new job portal. We receive several hundred hits from users every month and by offering this service can make our contribution to the efforts to combat the shortage of skilled workers".


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