Online design and configuration software

Win new customers through online collaboration
Contact with your customers doesn't just start in your own showrooms. Before your customers decide on their preferred retailer, they are already researching their design project on the internet.

KPS.MAX web generates qualified leads by providing a complete online design tool to attract your customers during the very early stages of their design project. The solution offers a seamless omni-channel shopping experience: On the journey to their own dream design, your customer can make use of your consulting services and professional design capabilities without having to start the planning process all over again.

KPS.MAX web demo

Generate qualified leads

Make your initial contact online

Customers already search the internet for information before choosing a retailer. Your customers can use the KPS.MAX web online designer to be inspired and to configure their dream design quickly and easily. This design can be seamlessly transferred to the KPS.MAX professional design solution to provide you with qualified leads even before your first consultation.


Generate customer leads more efficiently

Receive qualified leads that contain all of your customer’s design requirements
Recognise your customer’s requirement even before your first contact

Convert prospects to customers more easily

Seamlessly engage with your customers through a solution that encourages collaboration
Be faster than your competition, communicate with your customers in real-time

Improve your company brand image

Have your customer’s requirements at your fingertips
Your customer’s own design is immediately available in your professional design software
Stay in contact with customers - even after delivery


KPS.MAX web is fully integrated with your own website and customised to your own corporate design and brand. The solution, including all your qualified leads, is easy to manage using your own dedicated administration area. The capabilities of your website will be elevated to a whole new level, will be easier to find for your customers and prospects, and will help attract customers before they have even left home.
After answering a few simple questions, your customer can create a design based on their own requirements.During this first step of the customer journey, you will already have more accurate information about your customer’s requirements than ever before. This can include the budget, the shape of the design, and their style choices.
Offer your customer inspirational design images in KPS.MAX web. Provide support in areas where your customers may find decisions difficult to make. By providing each customer with ideas and inspirations at home, they can come to your showroom with a specific concept in mind.
KPS.MAX web is supported by guided tours that provide instant help to your customers regardless of the device or browser they are using.
Your customers can design at any time and anywhere with KPS.MAX web without the need to install any software. They can be inspired, test different options and design their dream project, whilst KPS.MAX web provides them with all the support they need at all the necessary points during their journey. Previous knowledge and technical skills are not a requirement.
Your customers can fully customise their design settings according to their own requirements. Support is provided by a simple menu structure and an item wizard, enabling your customers to develop individually and discover any special requirements at a very early stage.
The KPS.MAX web Administration Console provides a constant, up-to-date overview of all the designs and qualified leads that have been created.
The information gathered can be easily analysed to determine the best course of action for each and every prospective customer.
Your customers can easily contact you at any stage of the KPS.MAX web customer journey – resulting in more customer collaboration and opportunities for the retailer.
You will always be available for your customers to provide you with important information. As more prospective customers use the KPS.MAX web online designer, more customers will be contacting you. These options are available in the standard KPS.MAX web solution:
  • Your customer creates a design and visits you with their unique design code.
  • Your customer uses the contact form once they have created their design.
  • Your customer decides to contact you directly via the always available ‘contact us’ option.
Using KPS.MAX web your customers can create a kitchen at any time, whenever and wherever they wish.
This makes it possible for the end consumer to design the first kitchen from the comfort of their own home without having to consider your opening hours.
Using KPS.MAX web, your customers can create a design, provide their requirements, and submit their details, at any time, whenever and wherever they wish.
This makes it possible for your customers to create their first design, and begin their purchasing journey, from the comfort of their own home without having to consider your availability.
KPS.MAX web allows you to acquire the contact details of many more potential new customers.
In the final step of each design project, your customer agrees that their details will be provided to you. Nothing will stand in your way from making contact!