A ‘must-have’ solution

The intelligent design validation to ensure quality designs.
KPS.MAX protect is an automated design validation solution that makes sure you always have accurate designs. It helps to remove customer issues and any costly re-orders. KPS.MAX protect uses powerful algorithms and data structures to immediately identify and display possible errors whilst you’re designing with KPS.MAX. KPS.MAX protect is the intelligent way to design.

Avoid mistakes

Error-free offers

Retailers stay on the safe side whilst designing thanks to KPS.MAX protect. Customer complaints and costly repeat orders can be easily avoided, as the solution constantly performs an intelligent validation of a design whilst it’s being created. Your customers receive error-free offers, and your suppliers have greater confidence when they manufacture and supply your products, since the orders transmitted comply with EDI standards and are accurate and complete every time.


Continuously detects and corrects design errors

Early and immediate identification of design errors increases order quality and avoids issues with the processing of orders

Reduce customer complaints

Innovative validation algorithms, based on product specifications and design guidelines, help identify situations that could lead to customer issues

Simple and flexible operation

KPS.MAX protect constantly displays a design validation report, allowing for easy design correction and a final review prior to customer offer