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Boundless planning from the Cloud ‒ with the KPS.MAX Suite

Launch into the future now. Design and market ultramodern kitchens with the KPS.MAX Suite. The cloud-enabled platform architecture promotes flexibility between KPS.MAX applications and facilitates simple and direct collaboration.

The Suite’s applications offer pooled know-how for kitchen planning.

  • KPS.MAX is the cloud-based and currently the most advanced professional kitchen planning system
  • KPS.MAX web is an online kitchen planner for gaining new customers by lead generation via the internet
  • KPS.MAX protect is the intelligent kitchen planning assessment for avoiding design errors and costly customer complaints

Branch management

Everything under one roof

The new module by KPS.MAX is specially tailored to suit the requirements of branch kitchen showrooms and offers the option of organising any number of branches conveniently. The centralised management of users, warehouses, catalogues and cost calculations means that the master data manager can allocate the data to the branches quickly and with ease. In turn, this leads to significantly less hassle and saves time.

ERP connection

Perfect communication with productmanagement

The sales process can be fully completed in KPS.MAX. KPS.MAX communicates permanently with your product management system via modern web services. Master data, such as users, branches, warehouse and supplier addresses, are synchronised and the quote, order or order change planning is transmitted to the ERP system automatically and in real time.

Generate leads

Make first contacts online

Customers already search on the Internet for information before choosing a specialist dealer. End consumers can use the KPS.MAX web kitchen online designer to find inspiration and configure their dream kitchen quickly and easily. The design is transferred to the professional kitchen design tool and provides the specialist dealer with leads even before the first consultation.

Simplified design

Intelligent automatisms and smart design tools

The quick and easy way to a kitchen dream! Amaze your customers with the speed and perfection of the design process. Time-consuming work steps are significantly shortened by automatisms. Moreover, the real-time rendering ensures a "wow" effect during the presentation. Kitchen designers are able to make full use of their consulting skills leaving customers delighted and eager to buy.

Cloud based

Central data in the cloud

All connected applications of KPS.Max suites work with the same database from the cloud. The cloud-based platform architecture promotes flexibility and facilitates simple and direct collaboration between users. This enables barrier-free communication between dealers, consumers and the industry.

Avoid complaints

Error-free offers

Specialist dealers and the industry stay on the safe side in kitchen design thanks to KPS.MAX protect. Complaints or expensive repeat orders can be avoided, as the module already performs an intelligent check of the design during the offer phase. The end customer receives an error-free offer and the industry has greater security for the production of the kitchen, since the orders transmitted comply with the EDI standard and are therefore simply correct.

Consultation, anytime, anywhere

Mobile working

The heart of the KPS.MAX Suite is the central data storage in the cloud. This enables full flexibility and the ability to continue working on your design independently of your workstation. Accompany your customers through the presentation and record their requirements via tablet. They will be amazed.

Best price at the push of a button

Simple pricing through auto-block calculation

The auto-block calculation provides the best sales price for the consumer and the most favourable purchasing price for the dealer. The price is determined with the help of an intelligent logic. The auto-block calculation runs in the background during the design and is continuously updated with each design update. The smart auto function guarantees fast pricing for the end customer - any time during design - and consequently leads to sound and quick decisions.

Integriert in Ihre Prozesse


Die Planung der Küche wurde mit der KPS.MAX Suite professionell erstellt. Sensationell einfach per Mausklick können Ihre Daten, bspw. alle Artikeldaten und ausführliche Skizzen, in Ihre Warenwirtschaft übertragen werden. Damit haben Sie eine exzellente Datenbasis für alle weiteren kaufmännischen Prozesse, wie z. B. Bestellungen. Eine neue und übersichtliche Bestellfunktion inklusive elektronischem Datenaustauschformat EDI übergibt perfekte Daten an den Hersteller.


Placing orders

In terms of documents, the overview of orders has an individual container for every manufacturer included in the planning. Retroactive changes are clearly shown in the notification centre. You can see the status – when and how the order was transmitted – at a glance.

Branch management

With the new module, catalogues, cost calculations, users and warehouses are managed via a central backend. Documents, orders and the architect block use the data from the respective branch. You can log in to different branches. Access is managed via a permissions system. In the master data management system, a centralised and bidirectional allocation for managing the branches gives you significantly less hassle.

Digital measuring

The measurements can be commissioned and imported directly in the application. Once the measurement has been imported, possible deviations are shown via a colourful overlay above the originally planned room. You can easily see all the differences, straight away. The process is completely digitised in KPS.MAX, which means a very small amount of work, and you can avoid errors.

Intelligent positioning of electrical appliances, sinks and fittings

Electrical appliances, sinks and fittings will be optimally and automatically positioned. An intelligent logic ensures the accessories are optimally placed.
The quick and accurate insertion of the items significantly simplifies kitchen design.

Automatic generation of long parts

Intelligent automation simplifies the process. Long parts, e.g. worktops, are automatically created and calculated as order items and then added to the shopping basket. Shape and size can be changed manually.
KPS.MAX takes individual and time-consuming work steps off the user's hands and makes work much more convenient.

Animations and live shadows in 3D view

High-quality animations will be sure to inspire. It is possible to open single or multiple cupboard doors and drawers and is illustrated photo-realistically using live shadow effects.
Live shadows and animations have a visible impact on the end customer and result in the customer actually experiencing the functionality and ergonomics of the kitchen design.

Navigation in perspectives

Easy and diverse navigation. For this purpose, there is a navigation panel in addition to the function buttons for the standard and bird's eye view. Navigating via the keyboard is also possible.
It is possible to navigate smoothly in the 3D view live and without time-delayed image loading - there are no time delays because of real-time rendering.

Room planning as an intuitive user experience

Intuitive use makes all the difference. Using the wizard, the desired room can either be individually configured from various templates or planned entirely independently.
An intuitive user experience in room planning is guaranteed. All room variants are possible and all details are accommodated.

Conveniently create and print document batches

Print several records, graphical and technical views in the required sequence in one single operation. Creating your own print batch is easy - simply select the desired documents using drag-and-drop, sort and print.
A fast and comprehensive provision of all the required documents creates transparency and trust.

Simplify pricing with auto block calculation

Automatic pricing using intelligent logics. Auto block calculation automatically determines the best sales price for the end customer and the best purchase price for the dealer. It runs in the background and is continuously updated.
The smart auto function guarantees fast pricing for the end customer - any time during the design.

Add live dimensioning

Transparency is guaranteed. Live dimensioning literally results in dimensions that are always up-to-date throughout the entire design process.
The advantage is obvious - detailed dimensions live at every design step without manual updates ensure a precise and simple design process. The documents with detailed and clear dimensions, save the fitters a lot of time when installing the kitchen.

Automatic item docking thanks to snapping

Snapping points and lines act like magnets and make positioning easy and precise. When the item is moved near these points or lines, it "snaps" to the suitable position.
The kitchen designer can save a lot of time allowing them to make full use of the design options.

Experience real-time rendering

The fantastic application speed provides rendering in real time. Photo-realistic 3D representations have no waiting times and, above all, are available at any point in the design and presentation process.
This not only saves time, but also creates a wow effect for delighted end customers.

Our promise

Improved sales consultation, greater customer satisfaction
More precise design, less complaints
More intelligent automation, greater profit
Less time in processing, more time for customers
More effective training and advanced training, more efficient sales staff
Most modern technologies, enthusiastic end customers


Digital transformation

SHD offers a cutting-edge client-application with cloud-based back end for central data storage

Maximum user experience

State-of-the-art software architecture and an excellent user interface save more time

Perfect end customer experience

3D presentations await the end customer in real time without delay

Easy planning

Smart planning guides deliver precise and error-free results

Easy to learn

Guided tours result in a more efficient training

Fast processing

Smart automated processes take over manual processes

Service & Support

Our customer service team will help you solve problems so that you are always available to your customers. Benefit from over 30 years of experience, expertise and product knowledge. For our collaboration we use the SHD customer portal, a modern ticket tool. There you can create tickets for faults and enquiries 24/7.

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98% of enquiries and faults are resolved by our support team within an hour


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